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Use this map and the form below it to add new markers to the Construction Product EPD map.

Each new marker submission is reviewed before posting to make sure; [1] the product and facility/organization names, and MASTERFORMAT Division are correctly referenced, [2] the html address is for an EPD that has been prepared in accordance with the ISO 14025 standard, and [3] the Marker Address or GPS Location references to the facility that has participated in the life cycle assessment (LCA) study the EPD is based on.

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**NOTE:  Use the following conventions when adding a new markers.

  • Marker Title: Type in the Product Name.
  • Marker Description: Type in the Facility/Organization Name and paste the html address to their EPD pdf document.
  • Marker Category: Choose the MASTERFORMAT Division that describes the type of work the Product is used in on a construction project.